Where do the dogs sleep and rest?

All the dogs get to sleep in our cozy converted farmhouse, and we’ve installed video monitors to make sure they stay safe at night. You can bring your own crate and dog bed or use ours. The farmhouse also provides the dogs with a comfortable place to rest during the day.

How big is the fenced area for the dogs?

The fenced area surrounds our entire property, so there is plenty of space for the dogs to run wild and play free while still being fully protected.

Should I bring anything with my dog for daycare or boarding?

It’s a good idea to bring your dog’s own bed or crate if they’re staying overnight, but it’s not required. If your dog needs any special food or medication, you should bring that, too.

Are you with the dogs all the time? Are they ever alone?

Nancy is with the dogs all day and they are never outside without supervision. At night, they sleep in the farmhouse but are still supervised via our video monitors.

How many dogs will be there at one time?

We usually have from three to ten dogs at a time, though we can currently accommodate up to 20 dogs. We always keep our numbers small enough for your dog to get plenty of personal attention.

What are your hours for day care? Are you open on weekends and holidays?

We know life can be busy, so we can accommodate just about any schedule request. Call us and let’s chat. And yes, we’re definitely open on weekend and holidays!

Will you really pick up my dog in the mornings and drop him/her off at night?

Yes! We understand that you’re busy and want the best for your pup. We’re here to help.

What kind of food and treats do you give dogs during their stays?

Promoting health for our canine friends is very important to us. We use only the highest quality foods and treats. Our foods contain healthy digestive aids, high protein, and all-natural ingredients.

My dog has a special diet. Can you help?

Of course! Our intake process and questionnaire will cover all the unique details of your pup’s unique needs. If your dog has a special diet, just bring the food and we’ll make sure your dog gets just what they need.

Will you give my dog special medication during the day?

Absolutely! Our intake process will cover this, as well. Just bring the medication and give us directions. We’ll make sure your four-legged friend stays healthy and happy.

What kind of professional training do you offer?

We bring professional dog trainers to our Farm to provide your dog with the best training possible. Our trainers work one-on-one with your dogs to master both basic and advanced obedience commands, as well as a few special tricks. You set the goals, and our trainers will help your dogs achieve them.

Is obedience training included?

Yes. We will help your pup practice up to three basic obedience commands at no extra cost. An additional charge applies for professional dog training.

Can I just bring my dog in for training, or does he/she need to be staying at the Farm first?

Our experience has shown that effective training is helped by our trainers getting to know your dog first. Therefore, we recommend that your dog hang out with us for a minimum of a day (our daily care service) so we can all get to know each other before heading into training.

What is your intake process like?

You and your dog begin with a visit to our Farm. This allows you to see the property in person, and allows us to ensure that your pup is a good match. We then go over a thorough questionnaire to ensure that we meet all you needs and special requirements. Once everything checks out, we’re ready to go!

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

All of our visiting dogs must be spayed or neutered. If not, we feel the potential outcome is far too great . . . .

Does my dog need to have any special shots first?

We do not require any shots. You may have heard from other dog boarders that a “kennel cough”, or Bordatella, vaccine is required. The good news is that The Canine Devine Farm is not a kennel! Dogs here run free, and as a result, the chances of your dog getting kennel cough are greatly decreased.

The Bordatella vaccine can also actually weaken your dog’s immune system and doesn’t prevent all strains of kennel cough. Please let us know if you’ve given your dog this vaccine within two weeks of their scheduled stay here.

What if my dog gets hurt or sick?

So far, we’ve never had any injuries or illness at our farm. But if anything does happen, we’ll make sure your dog gets the treatment they need, including visits to the vet or emergency care.

What if my dog doesn’t get along with the other dogs there?

Our intake process is quite thorough, so it’s rare for a dog to end up here who doesn’t get along with others. In the event this does happen, we’ll take immediate action to try to fix the problem with some personal care. If the problem persists, we’ll separate the dogs and address the issue with you to go over our options.

What are the “adventure hikes” you mention?

Our adventure hikes are special opportunities for your dogs to explore beyond our fenced property and into the wilderness! These hikes are only done in small groups and only with leashes. Occasionally, we’ll even travel to nearby lakes and trails for some extra exploration!

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