The Canine Devine Farm

Compassionate Care for Your 4-Legged Family Members


We understand that your dog is a loving part of your family. You want your special pal to be healthy, happy, and loved. How can you focus on your work or enjoy your vacation if you’re worried about one of your best friends being cooped up or neglected? And how would it feel to know your dog is having a blast, getting fresh air, and maybe even becoming a better companion while you’re away?

That’s why we’ve created the Canine Devine Farm, a safe place for you dog to run, play, learn, and feel totally loved.

8 Acres of Open-Space Dog Heaven


Dogs crave running wild and feeling the dirt beneath their paws. They love fresh air and wide open spaces! Let your furry friends run free at the Canine Devine Farm.

The Canine Devine Farm is Boulder County’s premier open-space dog sanctuary and wellness center.

With 8 acres of wild open space, your dog can fully experience the vast beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Your canine friends can run wild and play with abandon while breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Safety First. Adventure Always.

At our farm, dogs are never outside without supervision. All of our 8 acres are securely fenced to keep your pups protected and allow them to run free in safety. Occasionally, we’ll also take our visiting dogs on supervised “adventure hikes” to nearby wilderness areas, including the Boulder Reservoir, Coot Lake, and the Mesa Trail.

A large converted farm house provides shelter for the dogs, with safe spaces to rest, take a break from the pack, or snuggle up with a new friend. We provide separate feeding areas so your dog can eat in peace, and our video monitors ensure that we’re always aware of your dog’s well-being.

The Canine Devine Farm is a vision born from dog love and overcoming life’s challenges. Learn more about Nancy and her inspiration for the farm.

An Active, Healthy, Lifestyle for Your Dog

dogs-tallYour dog is part of your family, and you care about their health and well-being just as much as any family member’s. When they’re here on the farm, your dog is part of our family, too. We share your care and concern.

Our goal is to ensure that your dog lives the most active, healthy life they can. This includes getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, eating high quality food, getting adequate rest, and having a blast socializing with other dogs.

We’ll make sure your dog gets out and plays rain or shine. Nancy is with the dogs full time, and as an Ironman triathlete, she has more than enough energy to keep up with all the pups! She’ll get up with puppies for midnight needs, and ensure the seniors can get away and rest.

Ready to treat your dog to the play date of a lifetime? See our services.

Your Dog’s Highest Potential

Instead of leaving your dog home alone all day, bring them to a real dog sanctuary where they can play, relax, and become an even better companion for you. When you bring your canine friend to our farm, we help them overcome or avoid all the pent up energy, destructive and bad behavior, and depression that comes from being left alone too long.

Obedience training keeps your dog’s mind active and alert while helping to develop their good behaviors. All of our stays include continued support for your top three obedience goals, and we provide professional training for advanced commands and special behavior goals.

Your dogs can be the happy, healthy, intelligent dogs you want them to be.

The Canine Devine Farm is truly dog heaven. Come visit and see for yourself.


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